Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VX8X Delayed Two Weeks

The subject line says it all. The NA-192 Ellice Island expedition will now happen the weekend of April 02-05. Our hosts on the island have extended their drilling program for another two weeks and requested that we hold off on our trip until then. In a lot of ways, this is actually good news. VE8DW has been dealing with some family issues that was putting his ability to get away this weekend in doubt. Also, the latest geomagnetic forecast is predicting unsettled high-latitude conditions this coming Saturday and Sunday. The forecast for the weekend of April 2nd is 'quiet' for all four days. Also, the weather will hopefully be that much better in a couple of weeks.

In other news, based on the predicted propagation (and requests from island hunters) we have revised the operating plan to include more 40m and 17m operating time in addition to the planned 20m activity. Expect to hear simultaneous operations on two bands during peak hours. Special attention will be given to Europe (which is the most difficult path from here) and Japan, where I have been informed that a grand total of only three stations have confirmed NA-192 to date. We're expecting to have an easy time working North and South America and the Pacific.

Any further updates will be posted here first.

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K6LSN said...

Hello John, found ya on the ng3k anoounced dxpeditions page and made my way here to the blog and I am looking forward to hearing you folks over here in 6 land near the coast where I usually work 20 Meters in the mobile.I will check back, Good luck, Have fun, 73 John