Thursday, March 12, 2009


Call: VE8EV
Operator(s): VE8EV, VE8DW
Station: VE8EV
Class: M/2 HP

QTH: Inuvik, NWT
Operating Time (hrs): 39


Band QSOs Mults
160: 2 2
80: 6 5
40: 60 31
20: 280 73
15: 13 7
10: 0 0
Total: 361 118 Total Score = 127,792
I thought this was another mediocre contest result from our geomagnetically-challenged part of the world but after seeing some of the west coast scores I'm starting to think our score was at least non-laughable, if not almost respectable.
Conditions on Friday and Saturday were great. Worked a bunch of Europeans overnight on 40m, had some nice little runs on 20m and we even picked up some mults on 15m. Saturday night was a lot slower as the aurora came out and I slept through most of the 40m opening to Asia.
With the K-index up Sunday was mostly a write-off except for the last half hour. For a whole 30 minutes I think I heard what 20m sounds like for you guys down south. Loud and clear with layer upon layers of audible stations and I could work anyone I wanted with only one or two calls. I raced up the band from one end to the other trying to work as many as I could before time was up. It was just amazing and made up for lots of the single-digit rate hours.

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