Monday, October 21, 2013

T-4 Days: Up, Up, and Away!

I worked like a dog all weekend and all day today but the effort paid off.  When the crane finally arrived it was only in the driveway for 40 minutes.  The lift went smoothly and in no time at all the tower was standing securely in the front yard.

Antennas mounted, cables coiled up, and everything ready to go.
Up she goes!
Having the right tools for the job is very important.
I hate climbing towers but the guy wanted his crane back so someone had to go up and undo the strap...
Ready to rock and roll!  TH6DXX at 64 feet for 10/15/20m, VB64DX at 75 feet for 6m and, still strapped to the tower in this picture, a 40m wire sloper and a 30m delta loop.

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