Monday, January 28, 2013

VE8EV Missing?

I got an email the other day from someone checking on my health. They hadn't heard me on the air or seen anything on my blog recently and they just wanted to know if I was ok. The answer was yes and no. Yes, I'm fine, but no, I'm not ok: I miss my radios! You see, last June I moved into an old house that I've been remodeling. It sits on a very large lot and I have grand plans. There is a room dedicated to being "the shack". There is a roof mounted 80/160m vertical. There is a spot in the front yard assigned for a 70-foot tower with a TH6 and other assorted antennas. There's another spot in the backyard for a free-standing tower to hold up the 40m yagi. Lots of plans but I thought it prudent to finish the house renovations before I started on the important stuff. The fewer distractions the better and as anyone who has ever done any kind of home improvement project knows, it always takes longer and costs more money than planned. Right now, I still have lots to get finished before the towers go up, and my most recent forecast is to be back on the air in time for contest season in October. Coincidentally, that was my forecast last year as well...

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Anonymous said...

My name is Guy Lavoie (VE2BAL). Last summer we sailed to Inuvik from Qu├ębec to the NW passage. Our sailboat Balthazar is currently at Inuvik and we will join them the 17 of June. We had problems with our amateur radio antenna or ground. Do you know someone able to test our radio equipment at Inuvik?

Guy Lavoie