Sunday, June 19, 2011

XK1T Update: Back on dry land

Had to cut the expedition short and abandon the island as a storm came in off the Arctic Ocean early this morning with high winds and torrential rainfall.  Details to follow in the morning but we made it back, soaked to the skin and chilled to the bone, but nevertheless safe and sound.

John VE8EV


I1HYW said...

HI there,
we know you did great in spite of the location and the adverse meteo.
Thanks for the efforts for working EU. It will be great if you can load a Log on line and/or a list of the calls you did work.
Thanks anyway and glad to know you're OK back on dry land.
73 Gianni I1HYW

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going to Tent Island in what must be a very difficult environment. It is unfortunte that the weather did not cooperate. You had great signals on 20 meters into Ohio the first night but on Friday night at 0200 utc, signals were very weak. All of us satellite ops really appreciated the effort to get on and work us. Saturday was a surprise and many were able to get a contact in the last few minutes of footprint over the US on AO-51. Thanks to you and Gerry for a very fine operation!
John K8YSE

Dragan K0AP said...

John & Gerry,
thank you for NA-193. As usual, great effort on your side to provide a new one to the worldwide IOTA enthusiasts. I was listening to your EU pileup which was intense at times but handled very nicely on you part. Looking forward to the next one which I hope will come soon. :o)

73, Dragan K0AP