Friday, April 3, 2009

VX8X - On the way!

All the equipment is checked and loaded. Should be on the road by 1400z.

VE8DW cancelled at the last minute due to a stomach condition so its now a solo op. I expect to be QRV around 1800z for an hour then off until 0000z as I have to drive back into town to pick up more supplies and drop off my assistant. Spent all day Thursday running around arranging for generators, towers and fuel and carefully collecting and testing all the equipment.

Geomagnetic forecast is now iffy but will have to make the best of it. Look for me on 14.260 and 7.160 (listening up/down as necessary).

73 es Good DX!


Andy said...

Hello John! Good luck! Do not forget to look for eastern EU. Best time for VY0A was 19-20z 2 days ago on 14MHz, also yesterday 14-15z. I think same for you. Of course, it was CW. You will be only SSB. 73! Andy UT5URW

Luk, ON4BB said...

Hi John, thank you for the new one.
Luk on4bb

n8ppq said...

My hat's off to you, man. Thanks for making this happen. Too bad it's just you all by yourself, but then, you probably get used to that way up there. How about some pics or YouTube video?

73 OM and thanks again for the QSO.

Dan (

James Davidson said...

ve8ev John.


Nice to work you with special Prefix up there in Northwest Territories Please be advise your operation had qualified for NW047 Ellice Island you can added that CISA Number to your Qsl Card Design.

James Davidson VE3TPZ

K6LSN said...

Thanks John! Sure was fun listening to you work like that, Man I wish I could be there! Thanks for getting me in the log today you sounded great, clean sig. into California. Hope you are doing good and having fun! 73