Monday, April 6, 2009

VX8X a Success.

Got back from the island last night safe and sound. All went according to plan, the weather was good and propagation was excellent. Final QSO count was 2,228.

Thanks to everyone that took the time work me. I'll post a detailed write-up with more pictures tomorrow.

John - VE8EV

The lonely little shack on Ellice Island.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a very successful DXPediton

Rick said...

It was awesome to work you on 20. I blogged about it here.

UR5ZVP said...

Hello John. Thanks for contact. It was really big signal in Saturday morning. One direct with 4 QSLs and 2 dollars in 1 letter is ok?
Or only 1 qsl by letter?

Jerry KD6WKY said...

Thanks for taking that journey, it looks like it was quite an adventure. 73! Jerry KD6WKY

Anonymous said...

When I heard you call CQ on a warm spring day here in the "first Vancouver", I had no idea how rare your contact would be. My wife and I have marvelled over the ice roads built every year that opens areas otherwise nearly impossible to reach. Thank you for a wonderful quick contact.