Wednesday, April 1, 2009

VX8X is GO!

Today was good news / bad news time. The bad news was that the drilling operation shut everything down and left the island yesterday. Mighty unkind of them to not to keep their multi-million dollar operation going a few more days to accomodate our expedition! The good news is that the ice road is still in good condition and I've had a back-up plan all along just in case this happened. So instead of operating in the lavish comfort of the drilling camp we're going to have to rough it and bring along our own food, fuel, generators and towers. The communications contractor that was supporting the drilling operation has graciously offered us the use of one of their comm trailers which comes equipped with a 50 foot crank up tower and a comfy little shack to operate from. A couple of generators and a few drums of fuel and we'll be all set. The only changes to the operating schedule are that we're now going to arrive on the island Friday morning (N. America) instead of Thursday night and it will only be VE8EV and VE8DW so likely SSB only.

I'll post a final update before we hit the road Friday morning. Wish us luck!

John - VE8EV


K6LSN said...

Good luck guys, keep us posted! Hope to work you on 20M 15M or 17M phone. K6LSN / Mobile on Sat.the 4th from Bodega Head , Pacific Ocean coastline North of San Francisco. 73

Anonymous said...

Will be listening for you from Ottawa all weekend 15,17 20 40 in evenings and with any luck will get my first VE8
73bob VA3QV

Klaus said...

Good luck guys!

Klaus VE7KDU (ex-VE8KU Fort Simpson, NWT)

PS: I lived in Inuvik from 1974-1981 but unfortunately was not a ham at that time

RA0ACM Serg said...

Today worked with you on 20ΠΌ, you very loudly was audible here, really on S 59, tnx.
Good luck guys!

K6SGH said...

Really big signals to southern california.



Anonymous said...

From: KD7DCR
Great contact..thanks for going there..
When will you do Logheed IS??? North of Resolute Bay..
How about Alert over on Ellesmere Is.??
I use to work up there in the early 70's.
Hope to meet you in 2010/11 when I come DX mobil on the Dempster Highway!
Mel Frost

Rustam UU2JQ said...

Many thanks for the QSO and new IOTA! Your signal was loud at 04:00z! Have a safe way home! Looking for your QSL-card. 73!

Eric said...

Thanks for patiently picking up my callsign. SM1 was easy to get through, harder with the suffix, hi.
QSL is sent direct.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the QSO! Great signal in The Netherlands!


Gilbert VA3NQ said...

Great to work a new IOTA. Thanks for the expedition. 73

Marq/CT1BWW said...

Thanks for the QSO on 14 MHZ! SUPER Signal on South Europe! Hope to work you on other Mode.
Thanks for DXpedition on this "RARE" IOTA.
Congratulations! Greetings from Portugal!

Rick said...

It was awesome making contact with you today on 20m. I was only running 100 watts into a dipole 20 feet up!
Have fun up there!


DL5ME said...

Hi John & Wally

Many thanks for new IOTA. It was not easy to
make the QSO because only small DX-window to
VE8 area from Middle-Europe. Again thanks for
ufb IOTA-Expedition.
73 Mario - DL5ME