Saturday, October 19, 2013

T-6 Days: A Stick in the Mud

I still can't get over this crazy weather.  10 degrees Celsius today when the normal high for this time of year is minus 7 and the low is minus -14!  You know, like winter. I'm even starting to appreciate all the mud because it really should be snow and ice.  Instead of a parka, I spent the day working in my shirtsleeves getting the base and the tower put together.

The old DMX tower has seen better days but I am installing all new hardware and it will be guyed instead of freestanding so should do the trick.  As promised, here are some pictures I grabbed right before dark.

Here is the base with the pins/ground rods installed.

Thrust bearing and custom made top plate with guy anchor points.

The truck is an integral part of the process to keep the business end of the tower high enough off the ground to get the antennas mounted.

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