Sunday, July 22, 2012

VE8EV/P - Instant Expedition

I'll be operating from Banks Island NA-129 this weekend during the IOTA contest and as time permits. I'm expecting conditions to be a bit rough so plan to be operating mostly CW.  Hope to hear you!

Edit: operation was July 26-29, 2012


2MT454 said...

Great job John! Conditions were poor but pulled out all your info! Our QSO of 07/29/2012 on 17 meters 18.140 made my day. You are my first radio contact to the top of the world! Good luck to you and great DX'ing! "73"

Anonymous said...

John! Thanks again for another new one. I was not lucky with VC8B before (called but no answer). Good signal was on 17 and 20m. Hope to get a qsl soon 73! Andy UT5URW