Tuesday, June 14, 2011

XK1T - Update

We didn't get nearly as much prep time as we wanted due to busy schedules leading up to our trip.  We'll start packing gear and loading the boat in the morning (Wednesday) and we'll see how it goes.  When we're ready to go, we'll go!

Weather and propagation (aurora) are both predicted to be marginal but at least there's no snow in the forecast.  We had snow almost every day last week but today it's +22C.  Just depends whether the wind is blowing in off the Arctic Ocean or not.

As with all my previous trips we have a very detailed list of equipment to pack and a spacious 16'x20' tent to operate from so once we arrive on the island we'll be good to go.  It's about a four hour trip from town out to the island.

I'll update this post right before we leave.

John - VE8EV


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
We are all waiting patiently for some word that you are on the island. AO-51 is in operation again with a power management control that seems to be holding through the southern hemisphere eclipse. This is great news for your operation since AO-51 is the best FM bird in terms of signal and footprint. Hope to work you on HF as well. Good luck! 73, John K8YSE

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the QSO on 20m SSB, you sure made my day John!

Rick said...

Thanks for the QSO on 20 metres! I'm doing a blog post about it at ve3cnu.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hi John
Great contact and thanks for the QSO on 20 meters. I`ll follow you on the bands you on the next IOTA expedition. Good luck

73`s de David/n4ndx

Anonymous said...

Guys, why you working simplex in a big pile-up???
It's impossible to hear anything and a very low qso-rate!!
PSE find a buttom "split" on your trx and read the instruction how it works!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Worked you this morning while you operated simplex. Unfortunately it was nearly impossible to copy your confirmation of my report as so many undisciplined stations (guess from where!) were continuously calling you. Many thanks for the new IOTA, but this can only work in the split mode.
73, Wolf, DJ4OA

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Safe trip to you and Gerry. I'm still looking for YK and NA-193 but S0 as yet. The only chance we can work it out at 0200-0230z. Please try to get Mid East. Thanks in advance!

Yuri, A65CA

Anonymous said...

Thanks John for the SO-50 contact 6-18-11 @ 1851.
Made my day too!

Bob, AJ5C EM36 Arkansas