Sunday, December 12, 2010


Call: VE8EV
Operator(s): VE8EV
Station: VE8EV

Class: SO Mixed HP
QTH: Inuvik, NT
Operating Time (hrs): 10

Band QSOs Mults
CW: 112
SSB: 182
Total: 294 72 Total Score = 58,464



Fairly casual effort, just Saturday afternoon and Sunday til 2230z. I could follow the "2pm peak" across North America on both days. Zero rate until 2pm in New England when suddenly the band lit up with W1's and slowly tracked west until it was just 6's calling around 2pm Pacific and then died out after that. Had a lot of fun especially on CW!

John - VE8EV


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Congrats on your 10 meter test results.

Your comments on the "2pm peak" are interesting. Here in Ottawa I didn't notice any particular peak other than I heard the more westerly stations mid afternoon my local time. Generally, my path seemed to more N-S all the time and I would start to hear stations in South America and the Caribbean starting around 9am local time and they would peak and fade all day long; sometimes on the order of minutes and other times on the order of 10's of minutes. I managed to work a grand total of 30 stations in about 12 hours of operation using QRP and a dipole.

I have been to Inuvik a number of times back in the days when CFS Inuvik existed, VE8CFS being their amateur radio station call. It has been many years and I imagine the place has changed a lot.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc (ottawa)

py4fq said...

Hi John.

Thanks for QSO CW in the ARRL 10M. Their signals here in Brazil were weak, but easily copied.

Mario - PY4FQ